Lladro Figurines Value

While some figurines are able to be sold individually, there exit also many sets that can be purchased, which include multiple figurines that share in a particular theme and similar appearance. While some are produced during the same period of time, other sets can be accumulated by discovering pieces that have been released at different dates, but that share in similar themes. Take into consideration for example that there are many figurines of policemen which were manufactured in different years, but they are able to be collected individually and then formulated into a nice, impressive set of collectibles.

It is to be noted that the Lladro figurines that the company produces are miniscule and are fabricated with the usage of porcelain. Therefore, someone who is not overtly experienced with collecting Lladro pieces may find it difficult to be able to distinguish between authentic figurines and those that are passed off as authentic by other companies that are not even under the Lladro umbrella. The authenticity of a Lladro piece can be verified by checking the type of logo on the base of the object.

While it remains true that the logo has undergone some changes over the various years, the company has on file records of all the various types of logos that they have used for their many figurines. Addtionally, the company’s name and the name of the nation where the figurine was produced are both always part of the authentic logo. All authentic pieces are manufactured only in the nation of Spain. If there is the listing of another nation, such as China, etc., the ornaments are not authentic at all.

Also, it is important to note that there are figurines that are created by Lladro as exclusive, limited editions, which means they are only available for a short time and are made in limited quantities. Only a certain number of the ornaments are produced and they come with the inclusion of a certificate of authenticity to validate their status as fine quality pieces of a truly limited edition selection. These limited edition pieces are very high in value.