Ceramic Figurines Collectibles

Truly there are many types of Lladro figurines that are available to today’s consumers. They range from animals to vases, jugs and even candleholders. There are even various types of people figurines. In fact, there are more than twenty different categories of Lldaro figurines, with truly many thousands of pieces for these various groupings, which is quite an impressive undertaking for this well known company that is considered to be a world empire company in its own right.

There are Lladro subtypes that are created by smaller companies that are considered to be still under the umbrella of the Lladro company. They produce specialized figurines as part of specialty lines. Shoppers may come into the name of NAO when dealing with various figurines and have nothing to worry about as they truly are still genuine, authentic Lladro figurines and not only cheaper replicas. Also, floating about is the name Daiso on the bases of some of the figurines. This is not another line of figurines, but rather is the name of the smaller company that is under the Lladro umbrella as an indication that this smaller company retains the intellectual property rights regarding the Lladro figurines and must be compensated with royalties by the Lladro company when people purchase these types of figurines.